Cold Room Survival Kit


Cold Room Survival Set

  1. Ventilated tent. Can accommodate 2-3 adults
  2. Portable Power Source with AC
  3. 6 Solar Panels with combined power 300W
  4. Small space electrical regulated heater 100W
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Camping outside will be unlike others if you get this Cold Room Survival Kit. This item can make your camping experience or your cold bedroom because of the heating failure into much more relaxing, enjoyable, and safe. Remote Power Source will provide enough electrical power to provide heat in the tent for at least 10 hours.

  1. Cold Room Survival Set (CRSS) consists of special ventilated tent designed for fast in-room floor setup. Can accommodate 2-3 adults.
  2. Portable Power Source with AC , car, or Solar panels charging capability.
  3. Small space electrical regulated heater with power 100 W
  4. Set of foldable Solar Panels with power 300 W


Warm indoor Tent 

Indoor Cold Room Warming Tent. Keeps warm air inside, bocks cold air.

You can stay warm and comfortable all winter long with the Warm Indoor Tent even if there is no heat in your apartment. This tent is large enough for two people sleeping comfortably

Lightweight: The tent is easy to carry around. It has an approximately 3.97-pound weight.

Set-up Size : Length 223 cm; Width 120 cm; Height 135 cm
Storing size in caring bag: Length 66 cm; Width 15 cm; Height 10 cm; Weight 1.8 kg
Material – Polyester; Poles – Fiberglass
Content: Tent, Poles:(2ea), Storage Bag
Easy to use, washable
Installation: Freestanding

warm indoor tent

tent options


Portable Power Source 1800W

If you’re looking for a power supply to quench your thirst for extended battery life, a portable power supply 1800W is the one. It’s an eco-friendly and safe power supply with a 1488WH LiFePO4 Power Station that’s perfect for camping or emergency backups.

LiFeP04 Battery: This portable power supply has a LiFeP04 battery with 2000 lifecycles, unlike the normal battery station that you can see now in the market that only has 500 lifecycles meaning you can charge much more gadgets if you have this portable power supply.

Very Eco-friendly: This item is designed to be eco-friendly to make it harmless to the users. It is safe to use and has no heavy metal elements materials.

Large LCD Display: For you to easily monitor the life of the battery, this power supply has a large HD LCD where all the information you need is put in one place, like battery percentage, charging remaining hours and battery power.

Easy to Charge: This power supply is designed with vulnerability. It has a four-way to charge it, and you can choose between Type-C or AC outlet, a DC carport, and solar panels.


  • LiFePO4 battery: have more than 2000 lifecycles. It is also Eco-friendly and more stable, the safest battery on the market with no heavy metal elements that are harmful to people.
  • Smart Large Display: Large LCD display, all the information you need in one place. Battery charge percentage, charging power.
  • 4 ways to charge: Type-C/AC outlet/DC carport/optional solar panels. The first portable power station equipped with Type-C two-way fast charging.
  • All-in-one portable power station: includes 2 USB ports, 2 Type-C port, AC outlet, and 12V car output.

function description 1800w



lifepo4 battery

Standing Solar Panel 100 W

The Standing Solar Panel 100W is the ideal power source for campsites, cabins, and more. Its 18-power voltage can charge any device up to 100 watts. It has 2 USB ports and one type-C port for charging, so you can have all your devices ready.

Powerful Charge: It has a peak power of up to 100 watts with an 18 volts power voltage, perfect for any gadgets that need a charge.

Easy to Use: These vertical solar panels are very easy to use, just placed into direct sunlight to charge.

Simple Design: The Standing Solar Panel 100W is designed for travel. It is very easy to handle wherever you’re going. It is attached to a suitcase-look cover to carry.



product dimension solar panel 100w


charge method for the solar panel

Power Heater 1200W

Stay warm this winter with the 1200W Power Heater. This small and portable heater is powerful, heating up quickly and efficiently. We’ve also included safety features like the anti-dump switch to protect against short circuits and an anti-scald grille to prevent burns from hot air. Let it warm you up this winter!

Heating Material: The heating material of this unit is made of a PTC heater consisting of specialized heating discs built from ceramic materials. The exceptional heat production and transfer within even the smallest spaces are made possible by these reliable, robust, and energy-efficient heaters.

Made of ABS Plastic: It is designed of ABS plastic that is very resistant to impact, has excellent high and low-temperature performance, is highly resistant to chemical attack, and provides excellent electrical insulation properties.

Electrical Requirements: The Power Heater 1200W is a convenient and cost-effective way to keep your room warm. It is equipped with a space-saving vertical design and a 1200-watt power rating, delivering fast and consistent heating for up to three hours. It has a rated power of 1200 Watts, 110 Voltage, and 50-60HZ frequency.


Heating Material: PTC heater
Body Material: ABS plastic
Color: Black
Type: Mechanical model (no remote control, no shaking head), Remote control model (with remote control, with shaking head, with timing) (optional)
Plug Type: 4 types (optional)
Gear Adjustment: 3-gear adjustable
Rated Power: 1200W
Rated Voltage: 110V
Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
Applicable Places: Bedside table, desk, floor
Applicable Area: 21-30㎡
Item Size: 230 * 150 * 110mm / 9.06 * 5.91 * 4.33in
Features: safety, protection overheating power failure, flame retardant material, dumping switch



power heater pic3

Specifications of the-heater


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