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When you make a purchase from Ancovi, the product itself confirms that you are of legal age (above 18). There are a few items for which it is illegal to purchase if one is with a criminal record. If one wants to buy any of such products then ensure to not fall under these categories. We strictly don’t condone, knowingly facilitate or promote the sale of these items to non-adult age i.e. minors or felons, which is also considered against the law in the state.

If you are under 18 or a convicted felon, take written permission from the law from your local police department and your employer just to hold the proof of received permission before buying any firearms. We are glad to help you get through the law enforcement in case they want to gather any kind of information from our end if any law is broken and we hold the proof of that committed crime. 

In law enforcement, for whatever reason, one needs any data to prosecute someone, an illegal person owns a firearm, and Ancovi will proceed with providing the information pertaining to that person’s purchase to fully cooperate with law enforcement officials. 

Our main reason behind selling this body armor is to provide protection for the officers that risk their lives every day simply to protect us and law-abiding citizens. 

When you purchase any item on our website, you ensure that you won’t use any of these items illegally as per the state laws or federal government. We have also reserved our right to refuse the sale of any body armor to any customer at any given point at our discretion. 

Before buying any product you must confirm and attest to the following:

  • Should be of legal age.
  • Shouldn’t have any criminal record.
  • Shouldn’t violate any Federal or State laws.
  • Should purchase specific items that are allowed by law in the state.
  • There is no prohibition by the law to buy or own the product selected.
  • Shouldn’t participate in criminal activity or belong to any such groups.
  • Legally nobody is prevented from owning a firearm or any body armor.

In case you are a person who is abiding by the law to protect yourself or family members, there shouldn’t be any issues to fulfil these requirements. You should own and utilize the item for lawful purposes only. As a customer, it is your responsibility to ensure whatever transaction you engage yourself in, should comply with the State Federal, State, and Local Statutes also all the Codes and Ordinances.

Are you aware of the fact that Connecticut residents are strictly prohibited from buying body armor unless the buyer himself or herself is a police officer? Else, they should be representatives of the Military force, or police department, or transact with the buyer in person. Kindly connect with us if you wish to meet in person for the transaction.

If you want to sell out any of the items purchased from us, you should also abide by the distribution laws or any other applicable laws for the same. As you already know, the laws are extremely strict when it comes to selling selected products. It ultimately becomes your responsibility to make sure that you aren’t violating any law. 

In case you have any intentions to sell or export any of these products you must comply with state or federal laws immediately. If any of these laws are violated you will be held solely responsible. So, go through this and be at your own peril as we won’t be responsible for the repercussions of any action that is taken by you. 

While purchasing any body armor item, you are very well aware that it is not bulletproof, but bullet-resistant. With V50 testing and incorporated NJI standards, it is done to make sure that the bullet is restricted to the specified level. It doesn’t guarantee that the armor will prevent 100% of bullets or the bullets won’t cause any harm to the person.

This body armor definitely offers protection but before using this you should know that if the bullet hits you there is always the risk of you getting injured, even though the protective vest is absorbing the bullet preventing it from penetrating your body. Know that there are many types of injuries reported up till now in the tests and in the field are broken bones, major internal injuries, and severe bruising that in some instances can even take one’s life

In case a bullet strikes you, even in spite of wearing your body armor vest, immediately seek medical assistance to make sure there are no internal injuries. It is for both cases whether you feel any physical pain or injury. 

Ancovi assumes no liability for any use or misuse of the products we sell or donate. Considering the warranty, the carrier itself has a warranty of only 12 months from the purchase date. Please make a note of the ballistic panels that go inside your tactical carrier has a different warranty from the carrier itself. Make sure you read all the labels on your ballistic panels to check their warranties. 

The statements, images, and descriptions are all for informational purposes only, and not provided as a part of the warranty on the items anyway. The use of our images and descriptions without our written permission is strictly prohibited. We won’t be liable for any other damages, warranty, representation, or liability whatsoever related to the use of the products sold. We won’t be legally responsible for the replacement or repair of any of our products that somehow got damaged by misusing or failing to follow our guidelines. Our liability is limited and only extends to the repair or replacement of items that consist of manufacturing defects due to some errors and not due to misuse of the product sold. 

The purchaser needs to contact and agree that they themselves or their agents, assigns, or heirs shall never bring any legal action against us by a court of law. 

Along with any purchase made by you from Ancovi, you ensure to read and completely understand all the terms and conditions and meet them all. You also confirm to fully understand the repercussions you might face if you break or don’t follow the Terms & Conditions of use mentioned above.

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