Different Type of Body Armor and Riot Gear

Body armor is defined as a type of personal protective equipment. It consists of garments that may be worn to protect the wearer from the hazards of an explosion, a stabbing or other attack, or other dangers.

Riot gear is protective clothing worn by police, military, and security forces to help protect them from violent confrontations with crowds.

Body Armor Equipment

Body armor protects from the threats of various weapons and is used by military personnel, law enforcement, and other civil defense organizations worldwide.

Body armor equipment comes in two types: ballistic vests, designed to protect against gunfire, knives, or shrapnel, and tactical vests, which combine a bullet-resistant vest with other features, such as padded ballistic panels designed to protect against blunt trauma.

The body armor equipment can be concealed under clothes or worn on the outside. It can also be designed for use by SWAT teams or bomb disposal experts who need more protective clothing than would usually be required.

Riot Gear Equipment

Riot gear is frequently viewed as the last line of protection against people who choose to attack the authorities. It was initially developed for the use of law enforcement officers facing crowd control problems. The original equipment included protective helmets with visors, face guards, heavy-duty gloves, shin guards, and batons.

The police used riot gear for protection. It is intended to shield the wearer against physical damage, particularly in riots or other high-impact situations.

There are many reasons why police officers wear riot gear. One of the main reasons is to protect them from being physically harmed and objects like glass and stones that could be thrown their way. It also protects them from chemical irritants, other dangerous substances in the air, and debris they might encounter on the ground during a riot or protest.

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