Bullet Proof Insert Plates


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The Best Lightweight Insert Plates

If you are looking for a lightweight, but very durable ballistic insert plates, look at our Strike Face lightweight insert plates. Whether you are a law enforcer or a hunter, this insert plate is the best for you.

Strike Face lightweight is a new generation of bulletproof plates for protection against ballistic threats like high-caliber rifles and handguns. It has the highest level of protection from bullets and knives combined with minimal weight and unmatched comfort. Strike Face lightweight plates are the only product in the world made from Aramid material.

Can Protect you in Different Situations

The Strike Face insert plate is a blast shield that attaches to the front of your vest. It is a high-impact resistant thermoplastic and can be used with nearly any type of vest. The Strike Face insert plate is designed to protect from shrapnel and bullets from all directions.

Super Handy and Flexible

Strike Face creates plates that are a lightweight and small solution for everyday carry. This insert plate can be inserted in backpacks, computer pouches, briefcases, and even wearable items with corresponding pouches. Strike Face insert plates can take a beating and last years longer than other products on the market.

Strike Face Lightweight Insert Plates Specifications

  • This insert plate is made of UHMWPE, this material is known as an extremely tough plastic with high abrasion and wears resistance. Due to its adaptability, polyethylene is a well-liked plastic for several industrial applications that call for toughness, minimal friction, and chemical resistance.
  • The Strike Face Lightweight Insert Plates is a Level IIIA type of plate meaning this item can stand against a 7.62mm Full Metal Jacket Bullet.
  •  This item has a 12 inches height and 9.5 inches in width and 0.8 inches thick making it very easy to attach to your vest.
  • For maximum protection, this insert plate is composed of 45 Kevlar sheets that are layered with foams.


Ballistic Resistance Test result

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