FAST Style High Cut Ballistic Helmet | NIJ Level IIIA+ | Tan, Black, Green



  • NIJ IIIA latest 0106.01 standards surpassed in testing
  • Aramid Shell Weight: Less than 2.8 lbs / 1.3 kg
  • Fits: See chart below (Head circumference measured starting above brow-line)
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The FAST Combat Helmet is an above-the-ear (ATE) high-cut ballistics helmet that offers best-in-class protection. The rounded helmet exterior deflects bullets away from the head, while interior padding protects the wearer against most of the impact force.

We go above and beyond the competitors by subjecting these helmets to extensive testing. While others may test an ATE ballistic helmet with one or two rounds, a single FAST Combat Helmet is tested to withstand 19 rounds from various caliber weapons, including two 44 Magnum shots. Lighter rounds like copper-tip 22-caliber and 9mm hollow-point bullets barely scratch the surface.


  • NIJ IIIA+ capable armored helmets, lighter weight and safer than the old Kevlar tactical helmets.
  • Can stop the same ammunition as a level 3A police or military vest. (44 Magnum, 9mm, 45 cal, 40 cal, 38, 12 gauge slug, buckshot, and many more!)
  • Built with the exact materials and craftsmanship we use for our police and military customers.
  • Tested for the latest NIJ standards.
  • Rapid adjusting headband.
  • 4-point chin straps that are fully adjustable with a leather chin grip.
  • Fully adjustable memory padding that can be moved around, taken out and beaten, and still retain its shape for years to come.¬† Feels tough at first?¬† Leave it on for a minute.
  • Tactical ARC rail system with 2-point bungee and vertical + horizontal rails.
  • A 360-degree all-weather coating that extends inside the helmet.

Assembled and In the Box:

  • Upgraded IIIA+ Helmet in selected color and size
  • Straps and harness system (Color matched)
  • Exterior Velcro (Color Matched)
  • ARC rail system (Color matched)
  • Bolts holding the ARC rails in place (Black)
  • Bungees with self-hold integrated into the ARC rails (Color matched)
  • NVG Shroud (Sometimes called the NVG mount) (Color matched)
  • Interior Tan padding set (safety)
  • Interior padding sets (one thin set and one thicker set). Padding sets can be mixed and matched as long as the tan safety padding remains.
  • ARC to Picatinny adapter


  • Complies with: US Standard – Mill STD 662 E, UK Standard – UK/SC/5449, NATO Standard – STANAG 2920
  • This package does not come with attachments like comtacs or a bulletproof visor.¬† Images are to show what is possible with our helmets.


Q: How is this helmet different from the competition?

A: This ATE helmet offers IIIA+, aka 3A+ protection.¬† This means that it meets and exceeds the standards you will find on many other helmets.¬† Our helmets are capable of taking multiple strikes, stabbings, shrapnel, etc.¬† Some unique features include; highly adjustable interior padding, rigid exterior, smooth coat interior all-weather paint, NVG mount, 4-way rail system, extra padding that’s Velcro adjustable, bungees, leather chin strap, and ratcheting head-capture system to fit almost any head size and shape.

Q: What attachments will this helmet take AND where can I get the ones that are pictured?

A: We didn’t want to force customers into some proprietary or non-standard system.¬† So we use the standard rail system and configurations for all our mounts/rails.¬† Standard multi-NVG mount and standard rail system just to name two.¬† This lets you fit all those combat helmet attachments you already have, plus all the after-market ones you might need in the field. Clear 3A Ballistic Face Shield for Helmets

Q: What is the return policy?

A: We are flexible.¬† Please note that should the helmet show any signs of wear on a return, we cannot offer refunds for customer safety.¬† Simply put, don’t try to pull a fast one after you take those sweet Instagram pics on your sweaty head. (See our¬†returns¬†and/or¬†warranty section at the bottom of this page for more details)

About the FAST Ballistic Helmet

Dangerous situations call for protective equipment that enables effective communication between operatives. The FAST Ballistic Helmet is the ideal above-the-ear helmet for combat situations.

FAST high-cut tactical helmets offer level IIIA+ protection with Aramid for lightweight head protection. What sets the FAST helmet apart from others is its higher-cut¬†ATE¬†shell that frees the wearer’s ears. This modern-style ballistic helmet¬†lends itself to seamless integration with communications devices. A headset can fit under the FAST helmet or attach to the side with an adapter.

Now, soldiers can access a high level of bulletproof protection while maintaining consistent communication with comrades. The FAST helmet is also compatible with various other accessories that can further improve performance.

FAST Ballistic Helmet Applications

The FAST Ballistic Helmet is a useful tool in various situations. The high-cut design makes this helmet perfect to wear while standing guard or patrolling a potentially dangerous area. The helmet is comfortable to wear for long hours, and its ear exposure allows for easy integration with communications devices. Soldiers on patrol will remain free of distractions from their equipment while staying ready to communicate messages to fellow soldiers or suppliers.

This FAST Ballistic Helmet also boasts features that make it a dependable combat tool. Its lightweight materials protect the wearer while sitting comfortably on one’s head. Soldiers can lock onto targets in high-pressure situations while feeling confident in their protective gear and avoiding distractions.

Bolster Your FAST Ballistic Helmet With Practical Accessories

One of the best features of the FAST-style bulletproof helmet available is that it is compatible with various accessories. The helmet includes a tactical ARC rail system with vertical and horizontal rails for premier versatility.

Your helmet will be compatible with most of the accessories you already have, such as lights, cameras, mandible guards, counterweights, and more. It carries durable helmet visors compatible with our FAST-style helmets. These helmets are tactical tools that allow the wearer to prepare for whatever may lie ahead.

Order FAST Helmets Online Today

Order a high-cut tactical helmet online for level IIIA+ bulletproof protection and ultimate compatibility with all your standard accessories. We offer affordable rates, free shipping, and an excellent customer experience. Did ordering eat helmets for the entire squad? We offer various customization and wholesale options for bulk orders.

Our experts are happy to help you decide on the right helmet or discuss our NIJ testing methods, so contact us today!

Additional information


Black, Green, Tan


20 – 23 Inch Head, 22 – 27 Inch Head


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